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Warbird Nose Art is dedicated to the history of the Aircraft Nose Art. Featuring the art of Mick Flynn, as well as all aircraft nose art, old and new. Check back often as we update this blog with historic photos and information. Your input is appreciated.

Mick Flynn
Mick was born to US Air Force father and a British mother. Grew up on Air Forces bases until he was 15 and has spent a lifetime around aircraft. Worked at the Museum Of Flight in Seattle for 7 years and got his start painting aircraft while working at the Museum. Mick has painted dozens of Flight Jackets as well as many aircraft, including the Museum's B-17F "Boeing Bee", F-4C Phantom "Gunfighters". Flying Heritage Collection P-40C "Flying Tiger" and P-47D " Tallahassee Lassie". The Naval Museum's Boeing F4B4 "Felix" as well as a couple B-52's for the USAF "Fame's Favored Few" and "Lucky Sherry". Mick has also painted many aircraft panels with original and authentic nose art.

Mick does commission art work on aircraft, jackets and panels. Email for requests.


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